Live Stream
on PARA Radio 80000
with Tim Shaw

/9th of march 2021

Equipement on the forest floor, Switzerland. Courtesy Martina Lussi & Tim Shaw, 2021

In 1901 Marconi transmitted the first radio broadcast across the Atlantic sea, the morse code sign «. . .», the letter ‘s’, was sent from Poldhu, Cornwall, UK and received at Signa Hill, Newfoundland, Canada. Many of Marconi’s high power radio transmitters were fuelled by fire, heat was converted into electricity to produce enough voltage to broadcast long distances.

In «. . .» Martina Lussi and Tim Shaw live streamed the sounds of a live fire for the duration of its burning. Using a variety of microphones the complex sounds of the fire and the forest its within, is collected and broadcasted as a durational performance. Extended field recording techniques reveal elements of the fire which would otherwise be unheard.

«. . .» creates a listening experience which combines the familiar sounds of a fire with
contemporary forms of communication media.

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