with Tim Shaw
/ 2021

Press Text

FieldReorder 01 extracts, layers and processes field recordings from around the Vierwaldstättersee in central Switzerland. Sounds were collected during the various lockdowns of 2020. Events include the city harbour in Luzern, a fire in the Gütschwald, the quiet of a closed down hotel from Kastanienbaum, a mountain lake at Seelisberg and attempts to record crows roosting at the Rotsee.

Spaces were recorded with multiple microphones running simultaneously to assemble a variety of sonic perspectives; air pressure microphones; contact microphones and hydrophones reveal diverse audio signals from each environment. The resulting composition explores an expanded sense of listening and reveals a pluralised perspective on the everyday world.

A version of this piece was performed at Fri-Art in Fribourg in spring 2020 through a multi channel sound system built by Bernard Zits.

FieldReorder 01 is designed to be listened to as a loop, we invite you to loop it in a software of your choosing.

RELEASE DATE: October 8, 2021 

LABEL: Superpang
FORMAT: LP (Digital)
COMPOSER: Martina Lussi & Tim Shaw
ARTWORK: Joe Gilmore