1 performer, soundpiece for 10 loudspeakers on the ceiling and 2 loudspeakers on stands, 25 yoga mats, towel, scent
/ 2019

© Fotos: Luis Hartl, im Rahmen von «Eile mit Weile – Zeit für Performance», Mai 2019, akku Kunstplattform und (ort)

A computer voice diffused by 10 loudspeakers on the ceiling is introducing the audience to a kind of meditation setting. The voice is telling the performer what to do and speaks about the real sound coming trough the windows.

During a meditative instruction the performer puts 25 yoga mats on the floor. 25 people can lay on the mats. The performer opens 10 windows of the exhibition space, switches off the lights, and closes the windows again. The performer then applies a scent on a towel and diffuses the scent in the room by walking in the dark between the people laying on the floor.

While the scent is diffused, a soundpiece is diffused on two loudspeakers on stands. The composition develops from pulsing white noise to wave-like noises, followed by a composition of autotuned singing.

The piece comes to an end when the computer voice wakes up the people by counting backwards from 10 to 1 and the performer turns on the lights.