Installation, 5 x 5 m
metal structure out of spring cores, 4 loudspeakers, generative audio, interface, computer
/ 2015

The entire floor of the exhibition space is covered by a metal structure made out of springs. In the corners of the structure are small loudspeakers. Visitors may enter the space. The structure lifts the visitor slightly off of the ground. It can only be walked on precariously.

The audial element of the work consists of a high sine tone and a metallic sound. It sounds as if something were striking the structure. Both sounds are artificially generated.

The metallic sound is made up of two rhythms that constantly shift, diverge, and approximate each other until they become synchronized for a brief moment. The source of the high sine tone can be difficult to locate, and, because of phase shifting, this perception only grows more diffuse through the movement of the head in the space.