Neoblog: Klangkunst und Musik von Martina Lussi

Best of Sounds! 2023: Hinhörer aus der Experimental-Ecke

PAN M 360 – Akousma : Martina Lussi, Oublier le temps dans le paysage sonore (French)

Manifesto. XXI – Martina Lussi, Reflet sonore d`un monde fragmenté (French)

Boomkat – “...morphing her vocals across a suite of ambient plucks and floating structures.

Foxy Digitalis – “Balance thrives on so many levels, but the immediately engaging palette and surprise hooks will pull listeners into a close embrace while a bare emotional edge runs across each piece, leaving a lasting mark.”

Artnoir – “Zurückhaltend und faszinierend, man tänzelt und muss trotzdem niemals die sichere Umgebung verlassen.”

Radio 3 Fach (Swiss German)

Pitchfork – The Best Experimental Albums of 2019

Radio SRF Ampère (Swiss German)

The Wire – „ ... DIFFUSION IS A FORCE is a meditation on the multitab, its meaningless and dangerously tranquil violence, as gestures and processes collapse into a homogeneously composed world.“  > Full review in The Wire, issue 421

Boomkat – „Fractured, fizzing and angular intersections of ambient-pop vocals, subtly textured electronica and processed instrumentation with a conceptual bent exploring the semantics of sound/language.“

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