Installation, 6 x 6 m
24 motors, concrete, copper-plated iron rod, 4 loudspeakers,
audio (generative), cable, interface, computer
/ 2016

At the center of the installation are 24 moving copper rods positioned as a geometric structure in the space. The rods are powered by motors in concrete bases, underneath which cables come out in an unstructured design. The installation is interactive and reacts to the contact it makes with itself. The self-contact of the copper rods determine future movements and generate sounds.

Aside from the real sounds of electric motors and copper rods clinking together, there are also composed sounds playing through the four loudspeakers that were made in a recording studio using the copper rods. The visitor can walk around the moving object. They then find themselves surrounded by the four loudspeakers, in the sound field and simultaneously beyond the interactive object. The result is a physical and virtual unity of hearing and seeing.